The Complete Guide to Anal Bleaching

By | July 9, 2015

Anal BleachingIt is the year of the derriere. Be it the Kardashian craze or the mad frenzy for big booties on Instagram, the humble tush is getting all the attention off late. Everyone from teenagers to baby boomers want the perfect shaped butt.

But turns out that the demand is not just for the bubble butt that can fill your jeans. If you can spend a few thousand dollars on butt augmentation, then why not enhance it further by restoring the anus to all its pink glory?

Oh yes folks. For those who haven’t heard about it, it’s the new buzzword in cosmetic procedures and it’s called anal bleaching.

Before you picture yourself lying on your stomach and someone pouring Clorox into the unmentionables, let me reinstate that the name is a misnomer. The actual procedure involves lightening or shall we call it “restoring” the skin around the anus that can darken with age.

A couple of decades ago, the term “Anal bleaching” would have elicited extreme reactions from the fairer sex. Some would have called it blasphemous. Others would have drawn a hidden connection with the gay community.

Not anymore. Anal bleaching has slowly become a part of mainstream beauty treatments, much like a Brazilian wax or a pubic electrolysis. And more and more women want their intimate parts to look as good as their faces.

If you are reading this with a dazed look on your face, then let me take this opportunity to explain how this works and also about the pros and cons of going cosmetic on one of the most intimate areas of your body.

What is anal bleaching?

As we said before, it has little to do with household bleaches. Anal bleaching is a process in which the skin around the anus is lightened to match the skin tone of the rest of the body. There are many methods which are used to do this.

But before we venture into technical terms and chemical procedures, there comes the big question.

“Why would anyone want to bleach their anus?”

I am sure you might have wondered about this too.

The trend for anal bleaching is said to have originated from pornography. Those perfectly shaped and colored bodies that can contort into weird positions at the drop of a hat, with their puckish looking bungholes, not a blemish on it. That, is considered to be the start of the trend by experts.

Porn stars get their anuses bleached because they have to make a living out of it. A dark anal sphincter may not look too appealing on Brazzers. Eventually, strippers joined the club. The men watching them may have liked what they saw because before you knew, housewives in NYC were clamoring at cosmetic clinics with pictures of porn stars butt close ups.

Others opine that it’s the Brazilian wax craze that made people fixated on hairless, perfect-colored, white neither regions. Irrespective of the origin, the fact is that women want to remove even the teeniest imperfections in their anus and restore it to its pre-kindergarten glory.

Some women who have undergone the procedure claim that the men think it looks dapper. The sex is better too. Others are just curious about the results and want to feel good when they peer in the mirror.

Men, most probably in a gay relationship have been more inclined towards anal bleaching for years.

Is a dark colored anus unhygienic?

The quest to bedazzle the anus has nothing to do with the hygiene part of things.

The darkening of the skin around the anus is connected to the passage of stool from the body. It can also be due to the constant friction that the skin in the area is subject to. There are a variety of other reasons also.

Hormonal changes that occur in the body can darken the skin around the anus. Also, the skin around the anus is vascularized, meaning, that there are tiny blood capillaries under the surface which gives it a darker color tone as compared to the rest of the body.

So, to keep things simple, a dark colored anus is not unhygienic.

How is the anal bleaching procedure carried out?

All said and done, if you have decided that looking good back there is of utmost importance for you, then the best you can do is keep your claws sharp. Be educated about the various options and the pros and cons. The last thing you want to do is get involved in a procedure without being fully aware of any apparent risks.

There’s only one thing worse than a normal looking dark anus. It’s a disfigured anus.

Here are the various ways in which anal bleaching is carried out.

  1. The Dermatologist method: The ideal person to consult regarding any alterations to the skin around the anus or the vaginal region, should be your dermatologist. Because the skin is completely different from the skin on the rest of your bodies. Dermatologists mostly prescribe a topical cream that is used for treating skin discoloration or dark patches, a condition also known as Melasma. These creams normally contain an ingredient called Tretinoin, which is a type of Retinoic acid and helps in lightening the skin color. Another cream that is commonly prescribed is Azelaic acid. While some dermatologists may recommend an in-office procedure, others can prescribe the creams allowing you to apply it from the comfort of your cozy bathroom.
  2. Over the counter creams: A mild over-the-counter cream containing 2% Hydroquinone can also be used as an anal bleaching cream. However, a lot of OTC creams containing Hydroquinone are sold as sunscreen lotions. Considering that UV protection is not really mandatory for your anus, look for a cream that does not contain any other additives. Please be aware that Hydroquinone has been linked to a condition called ochronosis, which can cause permanent disfiguration. Also, it is a potential carcinogen and may pose serious risks when used over a prolonged period of time. It is banned in the EU, but not yet in the United States. Other OTC creams may contain an ingredient called Kojic acid. But it is not half as effective as hydroquinone and is also considered to be a carcinogen.
  3. Laser Treatments: Laser treatments for anal bleaching are undoubtedly, the most popular form of treatment that is offered by several skin clinics and even by some doctors. The procedure involves the use of Q-switched ND-YAG lasers or ER:YAG/CO2 lasers to remove the darkened melanin layer in the skin around the anus. The procedure is extremely painful and often, it takes multiple sessions to achieve the desired result. Each session may last from 15-45 minutes and topic anesthetics or local anesthesia injections may be administered prior to the procedure. The results achieved with laser treatments are permanent. But, it comes with a huge risk of scarring and the aftercare period may be severely uncomfortable and painful. Be ready to have an icepack around your anus for a couple of weeks at least.
  4. Cryosurgery: Cryosurgery has recently caught on as an alternative form of therapy for pain relief and also for skin whitening. It is prescribed for whitening the sensitive areas like the anus and the genitals, because it poses a lesser risk of permanent scarring. It involves the use of liquid nitrogen, which is used to carefully destroy the melanin cells in the region around the anus. In just days, the body regenerates a new epidermal layer with skin cells that are lighter. The side effects of Cryosurgery includes blisters, severe pain and headaches which are caused due to the nitrogen that is used in therapy. The effectiveness of cryosurgery in anal bleaching depends on the depth of the melanin pigmentation in the skin. Some people achieve excellent results. Some don’t.
  5. Intense Pulsed Light: Another less effective but more popular form of anal bleaching is carried out using an Intense Pulsed Light device such as the Alma Soprano XL machine. It is similar to laser therapy and a pulsed light is used to remove the dark melanin pigments in the area. While it is rarely known to cause scarring, the procedure can cause severe pain and blistering. Also, it may take multiple sessions to achieve the desired color.

What is the safest method for anal bleaching?

The promise of giving you a swanky new butthole in as less as 15 minutes using a painless and non-invasive method may lure you into signing up with any skincare clinic or spa. But it is not an ideal choice due to many reasons.

The risks are real and can cause grave problems if it goes south. Here are some of the risks of opting for an anal bleaching session in a spa.

  1. Strictures: An anal stricture which is also called an Anal Stenosis is a condition in which the anal opening may narrow interrupting normal bowel movements, leading to scarring and fissures. Strictures are a possible side effect of laser therapy.
  2. Herpes: Many spas are not half as hygienic as they appear to be and you’d want to be extremely diligent while choosing one, to expose your most intimate parts in. It comes with a risk of unsterile equipment which can cause bacterial infections and even herpes.
  3. Scarring: Different people have different reactions to the laser. While some people end up with an anal color that’s not even close to their real skin tone, others end up with a darker shade. And there is a huge risk of permanent scarring, which is possible even if you are getting the treatment done by an MD.
  4. Pain: It will be painful. The numbing cream used before the procedure will mask any pain for the next couple of hour. But it will start to get really painful afterwards. You can expect your bowel movements to be a nightmare for the next few days. In some types of laser treatments, the aftercare period involves weeks. Multiply that by five to six sessions. That’s a lot of pain for a little pink color, which may or may not turn out the way you expect it to.

I have not even mentioned the cost. Most upmarket clinics will charge at least $200 per session of laser. So, assuming that you need at least five or six sessions, you are looking at $1200-1500 at least for anal bleaching. Add to this, the aftercare costs. The total amount can be staggering.

Oh, by the way, the results with laser anal bleaching are not permanent. The dark pigments will return after some time and then you can choose to let it be or get ready to go through the torture again.

Anal bleaching at home

That leaves DIY anal bleaching at home as the only option that we have not explored. It would be safe to say that as compared to the other options that you have, applying OTC creams that do not have many harmful ingredients does seem like a safer option.

It is discreet. You don’t have to head to the salon and tell the lady at the counter that, “Hey…add one asshole whitening session along with the mani-pedi.

Will the results be as dramatic as laser or IPL? Maybe not. But you won’t be screaming in agony every time you want to take a dump.

It may take a lot more time. But at least it will help you avoid the pain, the blisters, the scarring and the more serious side effects. The only thing that you have to watch out for is the carcinogenic ingredients we mentioned earlier. Steer clear of anything that contains hydroquinone and you should be safe.

How to apply the anal bleaching cream at home

The application procedure is fairly straightforward and does not require any special equipment. There is a bit of prep work though.

  • Wash and clean the area
  • Shave if it is necessary, since it will help in better absorption of the cream
  • Gently exfoliate for the same reason. Be careful at this stage to not overdo it.
  • Apply the topical cream and rub it, allowing the cream to be absorbed completely
  • Reapply according to the dosage specified by the dermatologist.


There is nothing right or wrong about wanting to look good. If you feel that anal bleaching will make you look and feel better, go ahead by all means. I hope this article helps you understand the many options you have and allows you to make an informed choice.