Buttock injections for a sexy booty

By | May 23, 2016

Sexy assBigger and curvier buttocks have become the latest trend. There are so many Hollywood and Bollywood actress who are promoting for bigger buttocks. There are so many people who want to follow celebrities. From teenagers to adult women, all dream of having bigger and curvier butt to get a sexy look. There are various kinds of ways to get bigger and well-shaped butt, but finding the most effective one is not so easy. Exercise, using cream or bum enhancement pills etc. are very common ways, but all of them are quite time taking process. Sometimes we cross our limit of patience and want an immediate result. So, if you want to get bigger and curvier bum instantly you have to choose buttocks injection and surgery process which might be painful for you but it is most effective and fastest process. Let’s have a look at buttocks injections:

What is Buttock injection?

Buttocks fat injection is one of the butt enlargement processes which will get you the instant bigger butt. This is the procedure where fat from at least two body parts will be removed and that will be implanted into your buttocks along with the injection. Though it is the costly process, but there are various advantages of using it. Here the advantages are:


  • After having this treatment your bigger butt will look more natural
  • This is a very easy and short surgery process. Moreover, it is less scarring, less painful and there is no post-surgery complication
  • You have to under-do the liposuction process because of this fat from other body parts like bellies, hands, legs get removed and you will have slim body along with bigger buttocks
  • Buttock injections can be applied for both male and female
  • This injection can be placed anywhere in your body
  • This injection not only grow the size of the butt but it also gives a good shape to butt
  • Using this treatment you can get up to 30% enlargement of your butt

Buttock fat injection is very effective and fastest way to get bigger and curvier booty. But everyone cannot this process. Few key things are required prior to starting this treatment and they are as follows:

  • The person who wants to get a bigger butt using buttocks injection, has to be healthy.
  • The patient must be a non-smoker person
  • All the medications which may lead to excessive bleeding during the surgery should stop before seven days of the surgery date. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, any herbal supplement should avoid prior the surgery
  • After buttocks injection compression clothes will be provided which you will have to wear it up to two weeks. After 2 weeks clothes will be removed
  • Doctors suggest not to sit on buttocks directly during these two weeks
  • For the best result, use ultrasound. Massage can be applied to the patient
  • You will get the final result after two to six months

Though using this process you cannot get the same result as butt implant but it is the safest and least painful process. If you want to get bigger and curvier butt you can go for this option.