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Diet plans for bigger bums

Round assThere are so many people who wish to have bigger buttocks, especially women. Sometimes they cannot find the actual way out to get bigger buttocks. Diet plans along with exercises may be the most efficient way to get a perfect shape butt. There are some particular foods which will help to grow your booty. Below are listed some foods that can make your butt curvier and bigger.

Foods to grow butt muscles:

According to the human body, butt is actually made of some powerful muscles which can be built by proper exercising and having a proper diet. Let’s see more info about the foods and their influence, if you are interested in how to make your butt bigger:

  • Mixed Nuts: Mix cashews, peanuts and almonds together and have it daily in the morning. This mix contains a lot of proteins and healthy fats along with 135 calories per ounce, this will definitely help you get a big bum.
  • Whole Grains: It’s nice to have something made with whole wheat for your health. Not only has it added an adequate amount of calories in you. It also helps to keep your heart and other organs healthy. It is good because the amount of calories you are getting from it will not turn into fat.
  • Tuna: You can keep tuna into your regular diet because it is full of protein. Moreover, you can get 200 calories from it. When you are planning to get bigger butt, then you must take plenty amount of tuna daily in your diet.
  • Sweet potatoes: If you are following the diet plan to get curvier buttocks then you must include sweet potatoes into your daily diet. It will help to keep your stomach fat free. Remember that it is very necessary to gain extra weight to get a bigger butt. You can put on extra weight without depositing excess fat on your body by having sweet potatoes.
  • Lean Beef: When you are trying to grow muscles for your butt, lean beef will help you achieve your goal. It is a great source of ample amount of protein, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, you can get 150 calories per three ounces of lean beef. Proteins and essential amino acids help to grow the body muscles. There is nothing better than lean beef as a source of protein and amino acids. So add it on your daily diet.
  • Eggs: White part of the egg contains ample amount of protein. Having eggs daily will make the process faster.

Breakfast: You can take white part of two eggs with whole wheat bread and fresh fruits. Take one ounce mixed nuts.

Lunch: You can have chicken breast in your lunch along with a salad. [Include only cucumber and tomatoes]

Dinner: Always try to have light dinner. Take a piece of lean beef along with some vegetables and whole wheat bread.

Snacks: You can take whole wheat bread with tuna and peanut butter.

Apart from the foods as mentioned above and diet plan, it is necessary to exercise daily at least for 45 minutes. Right foods, proper diet plan, and exercises together will only help you to get bigger and curvier butt.

Exercises to get bigger buttocks

How to get a bigger bumEveryone wish to have a perfect figure, especially women. But it is quite difficult to get a perfect figure including bigger buttocks. You may think how to get a bigger butt despite having slim body structure. What can be better than the proper exercise to achieve it? Yes, by doing proper exercises along with a good diet you can easily get bigger and curvier bum. Now it may sound good, but it will take few months to get it. Below are some most practical exercises which will definitely help you to grow butt muscles:

Butt-building exercises:

Barbell Squats: Squat is a most effective way to build your muscles of butt. Start with holding dumbbells in and when you will reach at an advanced level then try with the bar across your shoulder. If you want, then you can add resistance. You can vary the width of your feet position as you grow. Squat will be more useful when you will do it by standing with your feet closer. You will feel the result after few days. Do it regularly with the proper guidance.

Lunges: This is another most useful exercise. Most of the celebrities have fallen in love with lunges because of its effectiveness. There are several types of lunges, and they are as follows:

  1. Walking Lunges
  2. Side Lunges
  3. Stationary Lunges
  4. Alternating Lunges

If you are a beginner, then star with stationary lunges. Take two dumbbells in your hand and hold it beside your body. Then forward one leg and stand straight. In this position bend your both legs and allow your body to go down towards the floor. One knee should touch the floor. After this position, go back to the previous position and do this repeatedly at least for 10 times.

Hip Extensions: This is probably the most useful exercise to make butt bigger. Take a bench or step and lie face down. Keep your hips on the edge of the platform. Legs should be straight and touch the floor slightly by toes. Go to the position by squeezing glutes so that your legs get the level of your hips. This step is also known as flutter kicks. Flutter kicks contain more two set of positions. Try with the three sets alternatively. Do this under the guidance of professional. After few months, you will have curvier and well shaped butt.

Heel Raise: This is an excellent exercise for developing well-shaped butt. You can do this by adding ankle weight for a better result. Follow the steps given below:

  • Take the table top position at first. Make 90-degree angle by your knee and then try to drive the heel of your one leg toward the ceiling. Do this same position with another leg. Continue this step repeatedly at least ten times
  • Inhale slowly as much as you can while doing the steps. To get a better result do this exercise for 2 to 4 minutes in a day

Now you can easily get a bigger butt by following the exercises as mentioned above. Remember these will work out only when you will maintain a proper diet plan.

Important hormones that help the butt to grow

Get a Big Butt FastHormones play an important role in the development of our body parts. A right hormonal balance in the body helps an individual get a healthy and well developed physical structure. The right hormones will answer the question of how to get a bigger butt right after you step into your years of puberty. There are a few hormones that not just help in better butt growth, but lead to better breast development in females as well. They help a person mature sexually over a certain time period.

Vital hormones that help in butt growth

  1. Progesterone – Progesterone, along with estrogen helps in enhancing the physical aspects of a female’s body. The level of progesterone is the highest during the luteal phase of a woman’s menstrual cycle. Unlike estrogen, progesterone provides a woman’s body with the right curves. It helps keep the fat from the waist region at bay, thus providing the right shape above the butt region.
  2. Estrogen – One of the most vital sex hormone in the body of a woman, estrogen develops the necessary female features right from the years of puberty. It helps maintaining an increased amount of fat in the hips as well as butt regions, given them an appropriate shape and size. Estrogen is basically a combination of estriol, estradiol and estrone. These together, as a group, from the hormone. The female gonads are responsible in secreting this hormone in sufficient quantities.
  3. Testosterone – Though categorized as a male hormone, the female body also produces testosterone in small quantities. They help in maintaining a healthy sex drive and strengthening the muscles of the body. On the other hand the presence of an excess amount of testosterone within a woman’s body can block the development of the buttocks along with improper breast growth.
  4. Growth Hormone – Secreted by the pituitary glands in the body, this is one of the most important hormones when it comes to booty growth. This is because it stimulates the formation of new cells, cartilage, tissue as well as the bone. With advancing age the amount of growth hormone secreted by the body reduces to a great extent. But exercise and proper sleep can help raise the levels to a certain extent. Make sure that you have a proper amount of amino acid intake within the body to maintain the level of growth hormone secretion within the body of a person.
  5. Prolactin – Though the hormone receives a greater amount of priority in case of breast growth, it does help in aiding the butt growth as well. It is due this that you get to feel the required amount of fullness in the butt region.

The development of female bum is highly dependent on the right amount of hormonal secretion in the body. A hormonal imbalance can lead to underdevelopment. There are a number of medicinal alternatives for people who do not have the proper levels of hormones in their body. You can always seek help from a doctor in case you find any problems related to the same at any point of time.